Rosaria, the blood orange with its name on the sticker

The Rosaria P.O enhance the Tarocco oranges, that thanks to the great difference in temperature between day and night, caused by Etna, acquire the special colouring process that makes red the oranges thanks to the anthocyanines, enhancing the flavor and unique aroma.

From now, when you choose your oranges, look up for Rosaria, discover its qualities: Rosaria is poor in fat and calories, rich in minerals and vitamins, recommended for a healthy and natural diet.

Rosaria Producers Organization - Contrada Porticelli SP 135 - 95100 Belpasso (Catania CT - Sicily) - Tel. 095 7913562 - 095 7913563 - Fax 095 7913564 - P. IVA 01231350875

ComunitÓ Europea ComunitÓ Europea ComunitÓ Europea Mount Etna Now Rosaria P.O is official supplier of Fidal
Now Rosaria P.O is official supplier of Fidal